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Boost Efficiency with Church Automation

Do more with less work using BeyondSundays’ church automation features. Develop workflows, manage campaigns, and foster connections within your community and beyond. By streamlining tasks, you can enhance productivity and focus on delivering a better experience!

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Take a hands-off approach to tasks you perform regularly. Create processes for mailing monthly reports, sending volunteer requests, requesting member feedback, or whatever you need. 

Build Out Funnels

Set a clear path for people to download resources, submit prayer requests, or give to your church. With a funnel, you can outline the steps people need to take and create simple pages.

Apply Pre-Built Workflows

Leverage the pre-built workflows available in BeyondSundays to onboard new members, confirm donations, address missed calls, and more. Just tweak as needed and get started!

Track Actions and Trigger Events

Set up special links to put in emails and text messages that go out to your list. When members click on the links, you can trigger events such as automatic follow-ups or contact tagging. 

Manage Email Campaigns

Develop automated email campaigns to increase engagement and nurture relationships. You can write, design, and schedule emails with ease or use one of our pre-built campaigns.

Schedule Social Posts

Plan your social media posts in advance and schedule them for the desired days/times. With our social planner, keeping your social presence active is easy and less time-consuming.

Which BeyondSundays Plan Is Right for You?

If you’re unsure which plan will fit your church or ministry best, we can help! Take our brief assessment to get a recommendation based on your unique needs.

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At BeyondSundays, we're more than just another app, software platform or tech tool. We're driven by a passion for helping churches, ministries and other Christ-centered nonprofits.



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