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Ultimate Guide to Church Marketing Tools & Tactics

Learn How to Take Your Church Message Beyond Sundays

Want to Discover the "Secret Sauce" to Success in Church Marketing?

Advancing God’s Kingdom while trying to keep your ministry up to date with social media restrictions, new trends and keeping up with technology and tools can be exhausting. 

We have a guide for you that will help with your team’s current communications, marketing, and operations, so you can focus on spreading the Lord’s message. 

At BeyondSundays, our unwavering commitment lies in empowering churches, ministries, and faith-based nonprofits to achieve their outreach and community-building goals. Our dedicated team is comprised of seasoned experts with a wealth of experience in church marketing, communications, donor relations, and project management. With a track record of proven success, we've been steadfast in providing invaluable support to churches and ministries. We want you to be the next.

Learn Proven Marketing Practices to Further Your Mission

Build Authentic Relationships

The Bible emphasizes the importance of building strong and lasting relationships. In marketing, this principle means valuing long-term connections over short-term gains. Instead of purely transactional interactions, focus on cultivating relationships with your audience. Engage in two-way communication, actively listen to feedback, and work on building a community.

Automated Yet Personalized Communications

Harness the power of automated tools to enhance your communications and marketing efforts while maintaining meaningful relationships. The key is to balance automation with a personal touch, using these tools to streamline routine tasks and provide more time for the genuine, one-on-one connections that are at the heart of a church or nonprofit's mission.

Smart Strategy Plus The Right Tools

The Bible often teaches the importance of serving others and showing compassion. In marketing, this principle translates into a focus on meeting the needs of your target audience with whatever tools necessary to spread the Word. Your marketing efforts should demonstrate how your products, services, or mission can positively impact the lives of others. Show that you genuinely care about the well-being of your community.

Build a Strong Foundation So Your Message Can Go Beyond Sunday

This Guide will have you looking inside and asking yourself…

  • What makes our church or ministry unique?

  • What is our organization's overall strategy?

  • How do we measure our marketing efforts?

  • Is our leadership team bought-in and on-board with our vision?

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At BeyondSundays, we're more than just another app, software platform or tech tool. We're driven by a passion for helping churches, ministries and other Christ-centered nonprofits.



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