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Expand Church Learning Opportunities Online

Transform your church or ministry by creating a vibrant community of faith with our church learning and membership platform. Leverage this feature to build, organize, and deliver your educational content. Enjoy unlimited usage and create courses without limitations!

Manage Your Members

Organize your members easily. Within the platform, users can set up unique profiles with their personal information and educational interests. Plus, you can create categories to group them. 

Create Membership Levels

Offer different levels of access to your educational content. Create options ranging from basic (free) to premium (paid), catering to members’ diverse learning needs and preferences.

Set Content Restrictions

Ensure content relevance and privacy by setting restrictions. Admins can regulate course accessibility based on membership levels, optimizing the learning journey for every participant.

Deliver Exclusive Content

Provide members with a wide range of exclusive content not available on your regular website. Upload comprehensive guides, video teachings, Bible study questions, and more for members.

Encourage Community Engagement

Give members a place to connect with one another on their learning journey. Set up community forums for members to engage in discussions, share thoughts, and get answers to questions. 

Track Activity & Progress

Review data about users’ course progress, login frequency, and other activity in the church learning and membership platform. Gain insight into member behavior to optimize your courses.

Which BeyondSundays Plan Is Right for You?

If you’re unsure which plan will fit your church or ministry best, we can help! Take our brief assessment to get a recommendation based on your unique needs.

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At BeyondSundays, we're more than just another app, software platform or tech tool. We're driven by a passion for helping churches, ministries and other Christ-centered nonprofits.



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