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Maintain Your Church Database Easily

Make the most of your church database by using the people-focused features within BeyondSundays. Keep all contact records in order, and create custom tags to group people based on interests, actions, and more. Staying organized and connected couldn’t be simpler!

Organize Your Contacts

Add, update, or delete contact records as needed in just a few clicks. Along with basic contact information, you can also apply tags to group people based on any identifier you choose.

Send Helpful Reminders

Deliver timely text reminders and notifications to those in your church database via mobile app. Keep your members in the loop about upcoming services, events, and appointments.

Manage Your Relationships

Strengthen relationships with members, donors, volunteers, and more with the CRM in BeyondSundays. Use the data stored to personalize interactions and nurture connections. 

Transfer with Ease

Look forward to a seamless, hassle-free transition to BeyondSundays—at no cost. Our team will transfer your database and ensure your existing contacts are imported safely to their new home.

Discover New Opportunities

Use automation to identify those interested in giving, volunteering, joining a group, and more. BeyondSundays helps you pinpoint opportunities based on specific actions they’ve taken. 

Message on Social Media

Respond to and engage with people through integrated social media messaging. Facebook and Google messages are displayed in your dashboard so you can foster real-time connections.

Which BeyondSundays Plan Is Right for You?

If you’re unsure which plan will fit your church or ministry best, we can help! Take our brief assessment to get a recommendation based on your unique needs.

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Follow Us

At BeyondSundays, we're more than just another app, software platform or tech tool. We're driven by a passion for helping churches, ministries and other Christ-centered nonprofits.



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